Dille & Associates

DILLE & ASSOCIATES, stands ready to make your payroll easier. Our work and goal is to simplify the amount of paperwork you do. We do calculations for withholding, print checks and prepare all your reports. You simply sign. It doesn't get much easier than that!

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To better serve the unique needs of your business, Dille & Associates has divided its payroll services into three categories: Full Service, Half Service, & After the Fact. The amount of time you want to spend on payroll will be the number one factor in deciding what level of payroll service will suit your needs.


FULL SERVICE - Our full service payroll clients recognize the value of their time and would rather spend it doing something that adds value to their bottom line. We do all the calculations for withholding, print checks and prepare all your reports. The only thing you ever have to do is sign checks. Spending less than 5 minutes per month worrying about payroll will free up your time and resources so you can focus on other things. You can rest assured that your payroll is taken care of and done right.

HALF SERVICE - Our half service clients pass off a majority of the work but still enjoy writing checks themselves. This is a service not offered by your typical payroll provider. We will do all the calculations for withholding and file all necessary reports but you will print or handwrite the checks yourself. This is a great option for the business owner who has a little extra time on their hands but doesn't want to become a full-time payroll manager.

AFTER THE FACT - Our after the fact clients have enough extra time on their hands to calculate withholdings and print checks for their employees, but leave the taxes and reports to us. We do all the reports after you let us know how much you paid to whom.


If you need help deciding what option is best for you and your business, call to setup a free consultation. (208) 467-1603

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