Dille & Associates

Simple Bookkeeping Pack for Small Businesses

This Bookkeeping pack is a great solution for small business owners in need of a simple alternative to expensive and complex bookkeeping software*.

These files will help you summarizing the activity of your small business and give you a clear look at your activity on a monthly and/or annual basis. Easily track income and expenses into their respective departments so you always have a current and up-to-date statement of your finances including the latest Net Profit or Loss information and an optional running balance of your cash flow.

The files are in Microsoft Excel file that can also be opened and used in Open Office. The package includes the following features:

  • Bookkeeping Simplified (includes monthly or full year versions)
  • Bookkeeping with a Running Balance (includes monthly or full year versions)
  • Easy Invoicing - Quickly type up an Invoice & keep track of Invoices
  • Daily Checkout records
  • Monthly Total Tracking sheet

This package is for general business use and can easily be modified to cover a wide range of businesses including:

  • Cosmetology
  • Rental Properties
  • MLM




After completing your purchase, you will be directed to a page to download your files. The download page includes:

  • Bookkeeping Files (4 versions)
  • Basic Invoicing File
  • Monthly Totals Summary Sheet
  • Daily Checkout Sheet
  • Bookkeeping Modification Guide



*Though these are very effective worksheets, they are not full-fledged accounting systems! As your business grows, consult with your accountant for other alternatives.

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