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The videos above explains how to use the Monthly Budget Cash Flow Planning worksheets.

Click Here to download and purchase the Personal Budgeting Worksheets.


1) Basic Overview

  1. PROCESS: Plan, Update & Adjust, Review, Plan again (beggining of month, durring, after/before next)
  2. Print it OR Type it (easiest to type in planning stage, then hand write durring month)
  3. INCOME - project
  4. OUT GO // GOD - project
  5. total ZERO

2) Categories 2, 3, 4 (set expenses)

  1. 1 TIME per mo. Expenses - These categories are easiest to track
  2. SAVINGS - Can add special event ie CRUISE
  3. Adjust names to fit your needs.

3) Categories 5, 6, 7 (little expenses that add up)

  1. Homelife is most difficult to track, probably where the holes in your pockets are.
  2. Decide now how you want to label your sub categories.
  3. Introduce Category Spending Tracking Sheets / Need a section on that sheet for every sub category of home life and auto and fun.

4) Tracking Sheets (this video is on a different page)




Key Notes:

  • Planning the month in advance will lead to smarter spending decisions.
  • Every dollar you earn should be allocated to a specific category so your total income minus your total expenses at the end of the month will equal zero.
  • Account for everything! Leaving things off the list will cause problems later in the month.
  • The sheet is meant to be adaptable so if you have an expense that isn't listed, create the line for it. Feel free to rename items so they make more sense for you.
  • You don't have to fill in every line, just the lines that are relevant to you. Example: If your home insurance is included in your mortgage payment, you will leave the home insurance line blank.
  • Every main category has subcategories. First fill in your projected monthly expense for each sub category then add the together to come up with your total projected expense or budget for the category.
  • As you actually pay bills and spend money througout the month, use the 'Acual' column to record what you actually spent. Keep an eye on your totals, if you go over budget on an item, you need to make up the difference somewhere else.
  • The categories of Home Life, Auto, & Fun can get fairly lengthy and need to be adapted to fit your needs. Use the Category Spending Tracking Sheets for additional tracking in these categories.
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